The town

Mondovì is a quaint town in the province of Cuneo, in southern Piedmont. It lies approximately 90 km from Turin, 60 km from Savona and the Ligurian coast, around 20 km from Alba and the Langhe region, with the amazing white truffle, Barolo and Barbaresco vineyards.

It is divided into neighbourhoods, on several hills. At Piazza, where the Foundation has its headquarter, visitors step into a different era, surrounded by beautiful palaces, examples of medieval architecture and artistic masterpieces by Pozzo (Chiesa della Missione) and Gallo (Cattedrale di San Donato). From the Belvedere panoramic viewpoint, under the famous tower, it is possible to appreciate an amazing view on the Alps and the Langhe hills.

From Piazza, the historic cable car takes tourists into the bustling Breo neighbourhood. Inaugurated in 1886, the cable car has been entirely redesigned by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 2006.

Slightly off the beaten tracks, Mondovì is the right place for history, culture, nature and food lovers; it is also a hot air balloon hub, with a renowned festival during the Christmas holidays.

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